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Rock Musician

UPON MY ARRIVAL IN AUSTRALIA, I became a very popular session guitarist and appeared on many recordings. That same year, I was offered a gig as the lead guitarist with a high profile and popular Melbourne band called Big Deal. What was supposed to be a temporary gig of six months with Big Deal magnified into a decade of touring and recording together.

I kept returning to Los Angeles throughout the 1990s whenever I could, and I often wondered that - if I had stayed there - would my life have turned out any different? Would I have landed the biggest gig in the rock ‘n roll industry?

With Big Deal, we were performing up to six shows per week. The touring was gruelling and I would often get to sleep at 5.00am in the morning. We released our original album of material and appeared on several morning and late night television shows. Big Deal performed with some big name touring acts, such as Bon Jovi and Deep Purple.

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Coupled with an intense schedule of teaching guitar and doing session work in various recording studios, I was earning a great income. A G.I.T. graduate from Hollywood was in hot demand as a session player and I commanded the appropriate fees. Every aspiring guitarist knew about G.I.T. and with this validation, my student base grew to over fifty guitarists eager for me to teach them. Some of these students would later become professional guitarists and launch their own musical careers.

Listen to a selection of album songs from some of Niks bands recorded between 1992-1996. Nik was a featured lead guitarist in the bands Big Deal, Solis and Calcium.

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