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nik halik

NIK HALIK IS THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF FINANCIAL FREEDOM INSTITUTE, Money Masters Global and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of companies. He is a global wealth strategist, successful entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, high adrenalin adventurer and best-selling author. Nik Halik became a multi-millionaire and amassed great wealth through savvy investments in property and the stock market in his late 20s. His group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 300,000 individuals globally. He is the real deal, creating millionaire clients across the globe.

Not only is Nik a successful entrepreneur, but he is also an avid, thrill seeking adventurer. Among his various expeditions, he was one of the first explorers to dive down five miles and land on the bow of the Titanic. He has summited the highest mountains in the world and was one of the privileged select explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space. He is the very first flight-qualified and certified civilian astronaut from Australia and is also set to become the first ever Australian and private space explorer to rocket to outer space and live on Earth's only manned outpost in orbit, the International Space Station.

He currently resides in Hollywood, California and amongst his private homes in the Greek Islands, Morocco and Australia.

Also, be sure to have a look at his latest book:

nik halik the thrillionaire

The Thrillionaire® is an astonishing personal journey that will touch you deeply. The Thrillionaire® is intelligently orchestrated with stories of adventure interspersed with financial wisdom and personal development. Nik is an extremely gifted writer and paints beautiful pictures in the minds of readers and takes you on his journeys with him. He is an extraordinary individual and his uniqueness comes out at you from every page in this book.

The Thrillionaire® will splash a kaleidoscope of colours onto a life mosaic which will inspire, connect, contribute and stir the soul of every reader with its oasis of enlightenment.